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If you are struggling to find your way to where you want to be, then it is time you started Listening Differently!

About Us


Our work is not about 'fixing' anybody. It is about providing everybody with the practices needed for diverse teams to coordinate effectively and utilise each person's strengths in the achievement of the team's objectives. The starting point is listening differently to each other.


We deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke packages suited to the opportunities, issues and challenges experienced in your team. We offer programs, workshops and coaching for high-performing teams, opening conversations for:


  • Connecting to others with care

  • Skilfully coordinating with the people you work with 

  • Having “difficult conversations”

  • Being open to conversations for accountability

  • Producing moods for success

  • Skilfully giving and receiving feedback

  • Recognising and appreciating personal styles

  • Building and repairing trust with others

We believe that diversity in all its forms 'just is' and in our work, we foster an environment that supports flexible ways of working together. As a result, the material and approaches we share with the participants of our programs are part of the fabric of our business. We walk our talk and we are so passionate about sharing it with others because we experience the benefits they bring each and every day. That is not to say it is without its challenges but, to paraphrase JFK, we persevere because we know those materials and approaches serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

Get in touch with us and let's have a conversation about what is possible when you start listening differently.

If you are looking for Paul's new book Listening Differently - In Professional Life you can find it here.

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Our flagship offer can be delivered online or in-person. A workshop on how we listen (hint – it’s not about our ears!) – and the effects of how our listening influences our everyday work.

An interactive workshop over 3 hours, covering:

  • Shining a light on our listening - listening to others using our past, and how others might listen to us in the present.

  • An introduction to feedback – A psychological framework to understand why it’s hard, and some practices to make it easier.

"NO-ing and TRUST-ing"

In this workshop, we will be getting to the heart of why we often struggle to say no and what action you can take to make it easier to say no while improving relationships and building trust. You will be introduced to a new set of skills that will help you to:

  • understand and identify your emotional reactions to saying no (and to being told no)

  • develop a new way of thinking about trust, how it can be built and how it can be repaired

  • respond in a way that increases trust in business and personal relationships, allows you to focus on what is important and deliver value

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, this is the one course you should say, “yes!” to.


Skilfully inviting feedback (assessments) from our co-workers and providing feedback to others is essential to maintaining and getting better at what we do ....but sometimes it’s HARD! Hard to receive it... and hard to offer it! 


  • Why offering and receiving feedback is so tough (psychologically and biologically)

  • The elements of skilful assessments

  • A script for sharing valuable feedback – The key elements that you should have in mind when you are preparing and offering feedback to others AND that you should listen for when others are sharing feedback with you.

  • An opportunity to PRACTISE with one another - in a low risk environment.



The moves available to effectively coordinate action in the workplace are not always obvious even for experienced professionals. The opportunity for people who have recently entered the workforce to practice these skills is a great way to help set them up for long-term success.

Our half-day Work Ready initiative was developed in response to customer requests. They observed a gap in relation to some of the softer work-ready skills when onboarding new employees into diverse teams.

"Our new recruit has been on-ramped and integrated much more effectively through the Listening Differently Work Ready Initiative. Integrating him this way has helped solidify our day-to-day rules and streamline our comms. This also gives us a repeatable and improvable method to ramp neurodiverse people on."


Whether you are a manager, supervisor or part of a collaborative team, when you understand and can implement practices for accountable leadership, trust and truly customer-focused teamwork you can perform more effectively and fully realise the benefits diverse teams offer.

Technical knowledge is necessary but by itself it is not sufficient for delivering projects efficiently and effectively. Purposeful communication with your customers and effective coordination within your team are essential to successful delivery.


The HIVE program, with its digital credential, is our premium offer for individuals and diverse teams who are looking for a safe but challenging learning environment in which to practice the skills needed to navigate the dynamically changing and unpredictable world we now inhabit.

Contact us today for more information.



We live in a paradox of wanting to maintain our identity while also wanting to become someone different. Our integrated approach works across mind, body and emotions (head, gut and heart) to help you live more effectively and with a greater sense of fulfillment as you navigate through that paradox.

We offer a complimentary, 30-minute introductory conversation, in Auslan or English, with one of our lead coaches so that we can get to know each other and explore whether we are the right team to support you. You can let us know you are interested here and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.


Working with interpreters to improve their practice, we offer tailored opportunities to develop specific skills and engage in reflective practice. Whether you want to explore opportunities to refine your skills as an individual, in a group or as a team, we provide mentoring and coaching to take your work to the next level.



Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association, ASLIA have engaged the Listening Differently team on a number of occasions to deliver Professional Development for our members. Their workshops are always well-attended, extremely engaging and highly anticipated. The professional way in which the facilitators present ideas and frameworks around ethics and communication enables participants to benefit from being fully emersed in the theory and practice. From the feedback we have received from our members we know they find the sessions valuable, and they are able to meaningfully apply what they have learned into their professional practice. If you are looking for something different that will have a lasting impact on your people, I recommend you talk to Paul and Megan at Listening Differently!

Belinda Roberts, NSW President, Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association Inc

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