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Listening Differently - The Book
Available Now!

(eBook - $5, Audio Book - $20, Paperback - $29)

We are living in a world obsessed with speaking and being heard.

Our screens are full of talking heads promoting their views, while across a range of social media, countless others share their opinions in capital letters, hoping to be heard. Nobody agrees with anybody, and hardly anyone is listening.
There is a power that comes from cultivating a different way of listening. One that takes the focus off trying to get other people to listen, and instead gives you simple tools that will:

•    improve the quality of your working relationships;
•    increase your efficiency and effectiveness in getting things done;
•    increase your reputation for delivering exceptional results;
•    build trust in your personal and professional life; and
•    help you to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world.

Inside this new way of listening, things on your to-do list still get done but without the frustration, delays, and waste of your physical and emotional energy.
At the heart of Listening Differently are four tools that will help you successfully navigate the complexities of your personal and professional life:

1.    A Map, to figure out where you want to go and how to get there,
2.    A Compass, to guide you through the inevitable ups and downs,
3.    A Script, to listen differently to the conversations you have along the way, and
4.    The four Bridges you need to cross to build (or re-build) trust.

If you are struggling to find your way to where you want to be, then it is time you started Listening Differently!


​Are you a professional who:


Is part of a team and regularly has vague conversations with your boss or other team members that result in ambiguous requests and leave you frustrated doing meaningless or unnecessary work?


Leads a team and is battling to communicate your expectations, reduce the waste associated with rework and have the conversations needed to hold your team accountable?


Struggles to deal effectively with the roller-coaster of emotions provoked in yourself or others by the increasing uncertainty we are experiencing in the world?


Feels uncomfortable saying no to requests from others with the consequence that you end up over-committed and you have no time to take care of the things you care about?


Would like to respond more effectively in situations where conflict and disagreement arise?


Is looking for new ways to build (or rebuild) trust in their key professional relationships?


Wants to build a successful career based on a reputation for reliably delivering outcomes that delight your customers?

Then you will benefit from Listening Differently!


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